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SSS 1 Course Bundle | For Science Class

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Courses In Bundle

  15 courses
Learn SSS (or SHS) 1 First Term Biology presented in a comprehesive, complete and fun format.
Life is all about Biology. Biology is all around us. I’ll help you see how.
A whole new approach to SSS 1 Third Term Biology. Discover Biology in a new, practical, comprehensive and fun way!
Build strong foundation in Physics this term. This tutorial is engaging, simplistic and comprehensive.
SSS (or SHS) 1 First Term Mathematics presented simple and comprehensive. This tutorial will help you build competence and interest in SSS 1 Mathematics.
This tutorial is an essential tool, to help you build competence in SSS (or SHS) 1 Physics. The lessons are delivered in a standard, comprehensive, practical, yet fun way.
Become a master in SSS (or SHS) 1 Mathematics. This course is the essential package you need!
Say goodbye to headaches in Physics. Build practical and strong understanding and competence in SSS (or SHS) 1 Third Term Physics this term.
Build competence in SSS (or SHS) 1 Third Term Mathematics in just a single tutorial!
SSS (or SHS) 1 English taught in comprehensive, engaging and practical classes.
Become well - grounded in SSS (or SHS) 1 Second Term English. This tutorial will help you out!
Write better, read smarter, speak confidently with SSS 1 Third Term English Language.
Build a strong foundation in Chemistry. Build better grades. Learn Chemistry fun!
Learn SSS 1 Chemistry in practical and engaging atmosphere. This tutorial demystifies every aspect that students find challenging in SSS 1 Second Term Chemistry.
Let's help you see how practical and fun Chemistry has always been. Come on in!